Saturday, January 4, 2014

Old people and flushing

The back story to this is that for many months now, I've been coming home to an unflushed toilet thinking to myself, "I forgot to flush" or "I didn't flush all the way". I tend to be very forgetful and groggy in the morning when I wake up for work so anything goes but when I KNOW I recalled paying extra attention and still come home to it, makes my mind wander. I haven't had Saturdays off for, let's see, the past 6 years? Which is when she is usually over.

She is my grandmother. My grandma is this old world 79 year old country woman with only one care in the world, to make sure all of her children and grandchildren are well and well fed. Anyway, she usually comes over during the weekend when I'm out, drops random groceries off and off to the next house. Today however, she comes over and sees that I'm not at work and I tell her I have a new job and don't work Saturdays anymore. She proceeds to use my bathroom and I pay attention because I've had suspected her to be the culprit at one point. Her cell phone rings and she answers it inside. She comes out after a minute or two and walks out of my room continuuing her phone conversation and lo and behold, did not hear any signs of a flush. I walk in and check only to confirm that she's been the one coming in and out of my bathroom without flushing the toilet! I'm just glad that I wasn't actually losing my mind or anything.

I brought this to the attention of a couple of my friends and they all seem to say that old people have this habit of not flushing; with all of us coming up with the conclusion that it saves water. I know old people just tend to not give a f*ck but maybe someone should let them know that flushing is much more water efficient now than it used to be. Or maybe they're just so used to not flushing from the old country where a stream of water just flows everything away. Or have everyone in this day and age gotten so spoiled with resources and accessibility that we cannot even handle something simple as not flushing after every #1? I have to admit, I wasn't very comfortable to know that it was just sitting there in the bathroom but this didn't seem to bother people in the past because they didn't want to waste so much water. With our norm of wanting everything to be anti-bacterial and 100% sanitary standards, are we forced to having to be wasteful. Have we all become so germaphobic that we require double the amount of resources from just one or two generations ago?

It's nice that we have the luxuries that we do but maybe it's nice to think back at what our ancestors didn't have and reflect back. I think we can take it down a notch on how sanitary, comfortable and safe our standards need to be otherwise I just think it's kinda sad. We wouldn't survive any type of economic downfall because we're all conditioned to be wimps.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Odd but fitting posting for SF

I was on Craigslist and came across this job posting…

We're looking for an individual with professional office skills to join our internet sales team. You would be part of an office staff here in our SF/Soma building where each day we're processing orders, taking calls, answering emails -- all the steps in getting our gear to customers around the US and other countries. Additionally, the successful candidate will serve as an assistant to our buyer.

Position is full time (40 hours/week) and does require one weekend day per week. Full benefits available after three full months of work. While it is a very busy office and there is always a lot to do, it is a family business and not your typical corporate-style environment.

Ideal person would have a good base knowledge of S&M gear and a desire to learn even more. We carry gear for a wide range of fetishes and need employees who know their stuff.

We also have a reputation for excellent customer service and for getting orders out the door quickly. We need a person with good computer skills (especially typing), ability to multitask, who can speak comfortably on fetish topics in a professional manner, and work alongside others in a relatively small office.

Pay dependent on experience.

So, the first 2 paragraph just sounds like your average job posting. Paragraph 3 is when it got interesting and caught my attention. What do you suppose someone with a desire to learn more about S&M gear will know? My guess is that wouldn't one need to be familiar or say, experienced with S&M to be able to relate? Or no? It's also a family establishment, too. A family run S&M gear office with excellent customer service. I'm curious to know what would be the topic at Happy Hour with these folks. And also, the pay depends on the experience. That sounds pretty open ended.
Just thought this was a nice picture of my boyfriend and I with his dog, Chloe taken on New Year's Eve. Happy New Year, everyone!

A bloobie...

I'm new to blogging but hey, 3 days into the new year sounds like a good time to start, right? I'm dedicating this blog to anything that inspires me, induces a smile on my face, I can learn from and simply anything and everything that allows me to love life more. Yes, I am fully aware that this is very cliche and that 95% of the blogs out there are probably of the same goal (hoping for different content).